Maine Filmmakers Love Videoport, Too!


Here’s Maine native Lance Edmands, the writer/director of the Maine-made, Maine-set indie drama Bluebird (now in theaters) talking about his enduring love for a certain independent video store!


Lavallee: During your formative years, what films and filmmakers inspired you?

Edmands: I guess I would consider my “formative years” to be the last couple years of high school and maybe the first year or two at NYU. That’s when I really cracked into all the stuff that is considered a part of the indie/art house canon. There was— and thankfully still is— a great video store in Portland, Maine called Videoport, with an amazing section called “Incredibly Strange Films.” It’s basically a mix of cult curios, mondo-type docs, exploitation films, and other extreme art house stuff. When I found this section I pretty much went nuts, renting 10-15 films at a time and locking myself in my parents basement. This was where I found STRANGER THAN PARADISE, SCARECROW, BADLANDS, STROSZEK, etc. I crawled deeper into the wormhole from there.

Thanks, Lance! And check out Bluebird at theaters and, eventually, on DVD at Videoport! In the meantime, follow Lance’s example and go nuts in the Incredibly Strange section!

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