The ghosts of Videoport will still tell you what to watch

SceneHeard1Hi, everyone visiting the Videoport blog, either in wistful nostalgia or because you did a Google search for “Netflix sucks.” This is the ghosts of Videoport saying that of all the million things we miss about Videoport (you know, like existing), steering you toward just the right thing to watch was our favorite.

So, hey, why not use this space to ask your favorite ghost for some recommendations.

What should you watch? What should you definitely not watch? What’s that movie with that lady from that thing with the other guy in it? If you liked this one thing, then what’s another thing you’d like? You know—that sort of thing.

Sure, there’s the internet, and those streaming services that murdered us and shall not be named try to program their bullcrap algorithms to predict what out of their very limited selections you’d like. But we always thought we did this sort of thing better than anyone else. And, like we said, we miss it.

We’re still out here, ghost-style—just twiddling our ghost-thumbs and watching movies, like video store ghosts do. Ask away in the comments—we’ll check in and get back to you. (Oh, and we’ll only answer if you swear that you’re going to rent said movies at local video stores like Jet Video, River Bottom Video, or Bart and Greg’s DVD Explosion. If you’re using the streaming services that shall not be named, at least have the decency to lie. After all, they’re the things that murdered us.)

The ghosts of Videoport are waiting…. WOOOOoooooOOOOOooooooOOOOoooo…

(Header photo by Molly Haley)

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  1. What have you seen coming in the Euro indie films so far in 2016 that stand out?

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