The Indie Video Store Fights Back: Episode 3—Fight The Power

Here’s the thing about Videoport.

There’s nothing that RedBox, cable TV, or Netfl*x (still can’t bring myself to type that word) do that Videoport doesn’t do. Only better. “Nonsense,” you say? (Or “Poppycock,” if you’re a Dowager Countess.) Well no, not really.

We have a great selection of movies and TV shows. Only we don’t keep just the newest 50 movies in plastic vending machines (RedBox), scatter them randomly over expensive, repetitive pay channels at our whim (cable), or suddenly pull your favorite shows and movies from our service because, well, we’re evil and capricious (Netfl*x). Instead, when Videoport has a movie or TV show, it’s just here. Laid out in sensible, stable, easy-to-navigate shelves, staffed by friendly, helpful movie experts. You can pick them up, look at them, read about them, ogle the half naked people on the covers—it’s your call. They’re here and they’re always going to be here, right where you saw them last when you decide you want them. Videoport’s library of movies and TV shows has been built up, curated, nurtured even—for decades. Selected and maintained by people who love them, who know about them, who like nothing better than to share them with other people. Coming out to the video store to look around and take home something new and interesting used to be common—and it’s being lost. Now people sit at home and ingest whatever entertainment huge corporations deign to feed them. A video store is a place to explore, to be exposed to new things, and—gasp—to even talk to people about movies.

Plus, Videoport is your video store. I know that’s a slogan and all, but it’s true. We’ve been in Portland since 1987. Same owners, staff that have been here forever and who know the store and its movies better than they know, well, anything else in their lives, really. Videoport buys as much as possible from other local businesses, we support organizations in our community, and provides a service in return. We listen to what you want. If there’s something we don’t carry that you really want to see, then you can make the case for us to get it. We’ve got a request book full of such suggestions and we like getting your input. We can’t have everything ever made (and some stuff—yech, no thanks), but if there’s enough demand for something, we’re going to get it. (Of course, we do a pretty great job getting essential stuff already, but still…ask away.)

Videoport is the soul of independent movies. Sure, you can give your entertainment dollar to some huge corporation (you know, the ones that have driven local, independent video stores like us out of business with heartless efficiency). But you can also make the choice to come here. We have all the movies you want. We know about movies and employ only people who love to talk intelligently about them. And we’re inexpensive. (Daily specials, people—look ‘em up.) Times are tough for locally owned, independent video stores, that’s no secret. But some of you out there still choose to support us, to rent your movies and TV from a place that cares. Cares about movies, cares about you. Netfl*x might as well be renting socks through the mail or the internet for all it cares about movies as something other than a way to make money. Videoport cares. That’s all.


You’ve got a choice, people. Make one. Choose Videoport.


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  1. I remember when I was watching the AFI 100 and needed It’s a Wonderful Life…in, like, the spring. One of the awesome staff went and unearthed it from storage. There certainly isn’t that kind of attention offered elsewhere. It’s rare these days. How much you guys care is evident by these sort of acts. So, thank you!

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