The Indie Video Store Fights Back: Episode 1—We Know Everything!

The doorway to cool-movie heaven.

The doorway to cool-movie heaven.

WARNING: This is gonna get braggy.
Why should you rent at Videoport. Reason #1. We know everything.
I did warn you about the braggy part. But true is true, and we here at Videoport, in this ongoing series of articles designed to wrench you outside away from the evil empire that is Netflix (and not to some scabby vending machine in a convenience store’s urine-drenched parking lot), are here to give you incentive to rent your movies and TV shows at your local, independent video store. First up, how about the fact that Videoport’s employees simply know everything.

Now, we’re not only talking about movie knowledge, although, yeah—we’ll get to that. Nope, we’ll start off with the fact that our people are simply the best at what they do on a daily basis. Here’s why:

1. Everyone working at Videoport has worked here for a long, long time. Like, a long time. Hell, Andy’s our “new guy” and we hired him something like seven years ago. (We still tease him about it, but it’s starting not to make him cry—much.) Why is that? We’ll, there’s the fact that we work for a generous guy. But maybe even more importantly, Videoport only attracts people who love movies—and Videoport is the perfect place for people like that. Not only are we surrounded by movies every day, but we’re surrounded by the best movies in the world every day. And since we’re all life-long movie-obsessives, we’re happiest surrounded by our own kind. Plus, well, we all feel at home. There are plenty of things our staff could do—but we just like it here. Plus, since we’ve been immersed in the movie oasis that is Videoport for, collectively, about a hundred years, we know how to do everything. Like, everything.

What this means for you: Have you ever been in a store, just wanting to get what you need and then get on with your life, and instead you have to stand in line and listen to: chit-chat, “price check,” “I need to call my manager,” “shift leader to register 1,000,” “Uh, I dunno if we can do that…,” or just plain, “Duhhhhh…” From the day we’re hired, Videoporters are trained in everything, top-to-bottom, from computer stuff to how to run the stupid vacuum cleaner. Which means you can come in, pick out your movies, and get on your way—we have mastered the seemingly lost art of moving a damned line along. (Of course, if you feel like hanging out and browsing and having someone recommend movies to you all afternoon, you’re in luck, too.)

The bag you'll take with you from cool-movie heaven.

The bag you’ll take with you from cool-movie heaven.

2. Everyone at Videoport knows everything there is to know about movies. Like, everything. If the collective movie knowledge of the Videoport staff could be properly harnessed, we would rule the world! You know, if the world government were decided on the basis of a scary amount of obscure movie knowledge. We’d sure beat the crap out of your pub trivia team, that’s for sure.

What this means for you: But apart from our hypothetical designs on world domination, all that collective film freak-itude under one roof means that your movie questions are always going to be answered, that your most vague requests for “the perfect movie for tonight” will be fulfilled, and that, basically, you’re going to walk out of Videoport with your movie cravings satisfied. With Videoport’s daily specials (which always give you a free movie), you’re often going to be confronted with a need for more entertainment than you came in with. And we’ve got you covered.

We could go on about this, but even our bragginess has its limits. I will say that Videoport is the place where everyone involved simply loves movies. We watch them, we read about them, we make fun of each other for not having seen as many of them (which makes us all want to watch even more of them so we don’t get laughed at for, say, only having seen Akira Kurosawa’s samurai movies and not his contemporary Japanese dramas.) Plus, we can actually talk to people like, you know, humans. We’re not going to sneer at you if you don’t know what we’re talking about—we’re going to make you share our excitement for something new. That’s what independent video stores can give you that no one else can. (I did warn you—a little braggy.)

Tune in each week for more reasons why independent video stores deserve your business—we’re not going anywhere…

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  1. Also, do a casual survey of Videoport customers and see how many of them met their coolest/favorite/current/hottest main squeeze there. Hint: ALL OF THEM EVERY SINGLE ONE 100%. Or, y’know, some. Some-to-most.

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