Listen up, kids. Videoport’s got a Whole New Special to Save You Money and Make Your Life Better!

This special really seems perfect for renting Chan-wook Park's Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance (the Vengeance Trilogy), if you ask me...

                                    Bold words, sure, but check this out:


                                            Get 3 Movies for a Week.

                                                         For 7 bucks.

                                                                  Dig it.

Now, to head off some perfectly reasonable questions:

1.  Yes, that means the previous Wednesday special (4 movies for a week for 7 bucks) is no more.  Sorry, but look at it this way- now there are 4 days with an extended special.  Dry your eyes.

2. Yes, the regular (and still darned good) daily rental specials are still in effect.

3.  Nope, new releases can’t be part of the extended special, as per usual.

4.  We love you.


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