It’s a John Waters Christmas at Videoport!

That’s right, Videoportland- Videoport is closing down early on Sunday, December 11th (at 7pm) that we, the film geek army that is Videoport can attend the State Theater’s presentation of A John Waters Christmas, the one man show from legendary cult movie director, and Videoport hero, John Waters!  I know!

So, sorry to deprive you of our company Sunday night, but we’ll be open all day before that so you can stock up on what you need beforehand.   And, since our benevolent leader Bill is springing for our tickets as a symbol of his holiday gratitude/largess along with the post-show meet-and-greet with John Waters himself, we’re going to get to meet our idol, too.  I know!

I mean, just look at the doors to Videoport- not only is Waters’ muse Divine carved into the super-cool iron gates, but, right above him, is the iconic image of the late Tura Satana kicking ass in Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!, one of John Waters’ favorite movies!  How could he possibly doubt our love when we have proof carved into iron?!

So sorry about missing you on Sunday night, but, as you can see, this was a chance we just could not pass up!  (And, since we’ll be seeing Mr. Waters that night, why don’t you leave your love for him in the comments section below– we’ll deliver your love to him when we meet him!)

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  1. shit. is it sold out?

  2. John has inspired me as an actress and as a writer. And because I am both, I’m too poor to go to the show but wish him a happy holiday from me!

  3. I remember sneaking out to see a midnight showing of Pink Flamingos when I was about 14 (circa1983) — and, as a young punk wanna-be, creating an admittedly terrible cartoon character named Punk Flamingo. At that age, I knew no greater homage than to scrawl derivative works on my every notebook and book cover; John Waters, you’ve been an inspiration to me for almost thirty years now.

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