TV Review: ‘Spaced’

Watch this. It'll make you happy.

Tim & Daisy. They'll make you happy.

Dennis suggests ‘Spaced’ (in British Comedy). At the risk of starting a stampede and a logjam and a log stampede amongst VideoReport readers, I’m about to go all gooey over this show. So, both of you, call up today and reserve your copies so that there’s no unpleasantness. This Brit-com, from Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost [the bloody comic geniuses behind two of the best comedies of the last five years Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz] is, quite simply, and without fear of exaggeration, the best, funniest, quickest, most inventive and most completely all-around charming television show I’ve ever seen. Yeah, digest that statement for a a moment while I list some shows I absolutely love which Spaced is actually better than: Arrested Development? Spaced is better. Scrubs? Spaced is better. Futurama or Home Movies? Spaced is better. The Office (both the British and American versions)? Spaced…is…better. The show takes a standard sitcom set up (two underemployed slackers [Pegg and the radiantly shlumphy Jessica Stevenson] who, individually homeless, decide to pose as a couple to get a nice apartment) and twists it, flips it, and generally

Can you spot the pop culture reference. It'll make you happy.

toys with it in favor of sparkling dialogue, clever pop culture references/homages, and just plain all-around comedic fried gold. Along the way, they’ve got some great comic support, led by everybody’s favorite sidekick Nick Frost (as the lovably gung-ho Mike). Which episode is my favorite? The paintball one, or the Star Wars-themed dog rescue? The Matrix-y one, or the night-out-on-the-town with the utterly bril twist ending? No way to choose, really. So I’m just gonna say it one more time, so we can get this Spaced-mania off the ground: you know those shows that just become beloved to you?

Mike. He'll make you happy.

The ones that you watch over and over? The ones you purchase on DVD so you can have them at hand all the time, like comfort food for your soul? Spaced is gonna become one of those for you. Trust me.

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