Movie Review: Heckler

Please don't interpret my praise for this movie as praise of Joe Rogan...

Dennis suggests Heckler (in Comedy). This documentary puts a humble reviewer in a bind. It’s an indictment of those drunken, pathetic yahoos who scream abuse at standup comedy shows, sure (with scathing putdowns from leading standups like Lewis Black, David Cross, Bill Maher, among others), which is uncontroversial enough, but then, see, it goes beyond slapping down those fratboy nitwits into a further attack on, um, film critics, and critics in general. See my problem here? Well, at the risk of being confronted by a very unfunny Jamie Kennedy, as several print and internet critics, are, I’m gonna go on with my duties here. Heckler is a funny, somewhat thought-provoking examination of the psychology of those (like myself, I guess) who feel the need to crap all over the efforts of entertainers everywhere. As led by Kennedy, there’s a nice mix of funny rants by comics and filmmakers, actual,

This guy's totally about to smash a heckler with that guitar.

often truly upsetting clips of comics absolutely flipping out on audience jackassery (Bill Hicks seems about to kill some woman, while one comic actually does attack an audience member with his guitar, a brief examination of the Michael Richard’s wig-out), and segments where Kennedy (rather lamely, I’m sorry to say) confronts his own hecklers and the critics who dared to pan his comedy classics Son of the Mask and Malibu’s Most Wanted and interviews fellow comedy pariah, the dreaded Carrot Top. Kennedy, the Top, and Tom Green actually come off as endearingly human for the most part, expressing genuine hurt feelings over the personal nature of the attacks often lobbed at them, while filmmakers like Joel

Mein punching negates your opinions. Just like we out-debated ze Jews...

Schumaker come off less well, throwing out the ‘well, critics have never made a movie, so they have no right to criticize my work’ argument while never, even for a second, conceding that Batman and Robin is a really, really bad movie. And, most appallingly, uber-hack German director and, unsurprisingly as it turns out, reprehensible human being Uwe Boll engineers a publicity stunt in which he invites a series of pasty, basement-dwelling internet movie critics to a boxing match and beats the crap out of them.  The perfect Teutonic reasoning: “If I can physically defeat you, then your opinions are wrong.”  Jesus, what a creep.  Heckler‘s funny, it’s upsetting, it’s even a little thought-provoking; see, guys, I can be nice…

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