Movie Review: Heavy

Dennis suggests Heavy (in Feature Drama). I think I’ve actually reviewed this one at some point in the distant past, but, seen as how this little indie gem has finally received a DVD released and some of you might now have the option of, you know, seeing it, her goes again. A quiet, unassuming, decidedly un-showy little masterpiece, Heavy follows the, well, heavy adult son (the stunning Pruitt Taylor Vince) of pizzeria matron Shelley Winters as he finds himself poking his head out of the uneventful shell of his uneventful life when a lovely new waitress (Liv Tyler has

Guess who the star is? It's that tiny little guy way down in the corner, dwarfed by Liv Tyler's more marketable face!

never been better, anywhere) is hired. There are no grand gestures, no huge emotional scenes, and, while some dramatic things do happen, the film’s magic rests in the small, observed moments: a secretly-hidden photograph, an averted gaze, the Ozu-esque depiction of everyday details. Vince is outstanding as his hulking, gentle soul tries to, somehow, reverse the course of a life seemingly destined for nothing but loneliness and plodding, inevitable decline with the most tentative of gestures. You’ve seen him in things (he’s on the ‘most valuable character actor’ all-stars), but the big guy will just break your heart here. Outstanding.

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