Movie Review: Simon

They're Dutch...

Dennis2 suggests that you Go Dutch, be happy! with Simon (in the Foreign Language section.)
Let me tell you a few interesting things about Holland. First of all, we have had a black president for twenty years now, ABBA is Dutch, as well as Giselle Bündchen, Heidi Klum, Martin Scorsese’s grandfather and the owner of Videoport Bill’s dad. And did you know that there are no trees in Holland because we are too far up north? Now being an obvious expert, I thought it’d be a good idea to send out some ideas for the hesitant movie picker, at Videoport again with no idea what to get and finally deciding on some sort of lame comedy with Steve Carell (not as funny as the original Dutch Office episodes by the way). Go Dutch, be happy, is the general theme for this Portland-wide publicity effort supporting the wonderful cinema of this curious little country. Have I ever given a bad recommendation? Absolutely! Was this one of them? Nope. Maybe you remember Julia, who worked at the ice cream store Maples above Videoport. She wanted to watch a Dutch movie and I gave her this little gem called Simon. The whole ‘larger than life’ way of describing someone is exactly how I would describe the main character of this movie, Simon. He lives in Amsterdam and just does his thing, in this case being a coffee shop owner and drug dealer. He is s straight talker, sincere but harsh, and one of his best friends happens to be a gay man, Camiel. Their friendship lies at the center of the movie. It is through Camiel’s eyes that we see the whirlwind of Simon’s life, who is surrounded by outspoken, warm and free-spirited people. Now, I am not talking about in-your-face hippy-esque free-spiritedness; this is more matter-of-fact. Simon is leading his life, takes care of all the people around him and will be the first one to tell you you’re f*cking it up if he feels like you need to hear this. But obviously all this hedonism has to end somehow. Now, it does seem that the director, Eddy Terstall, had some sort of little list of themes he wanted to incorporate into this movie. Gay marriage, euthanasia, drugs: god these people are freaks, and why so obvious? But still, the performances are nothing short of magical; Cees Geel, who plays Simon, won some awards in the Netherlands, but was overlooked by the Academy (I don’t think Hollywood was ready for this foul-mouthed drug lord to win any awards). Don’t let the throw-uppie sound of the language keep you from renting this. Find it in the foreign language section.

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