TV Review: ‘Saturday Night Live’

Dennis suggests ‘Saturday Night Live’- season 4 (in Comedy). This might be the best season in SNL’s illustrious, if, admittedly, up-and-down history, with the original players (minus Chevy and plus Bill Murray) locked in and just hitting sketches and characters out of the studio into the cheap seats. Favorite sketches from the season include ‘Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute’ (in the Margo Kidder episode), ‘Theodoric of York: Medieval Barber’ (in the Steve Martin ep), Dan Aykroyd cutting himself as Julia Child (Eric Idle ep), Mexican game show parody ‘Quien es mas macho?’ (in the Ricky Nelson ep), Belushi (as beleaguered NBC head Fred Silverman) ordering guest host Kate Jackson and the rest of the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ to sabotage the network, the poignant short film ‘Perchance to Dream’, with Bill Murray’s homeless ‘honker’ passing out and imagining himself onstage (the Gary Busey ep), plus lots of the Nerds, Nick the lounge singer, Mr. Bill, Andy Kaufman, the debut of Father Guido Sarducci, etc. Musical guests were adventurous in those days as well, with American audiences getting their first tastes of Devo, The Talking Heads, Peter Tosh, Kate Bush, Delbert McClinton and others. Plus, this season features two of the most notorious train wreck episodes in the show’s history: Milton Berle hams it up so shamefully that Lorne never allowed his hosting gig to be seen in reruns, and Frank Zappa, apparently deciding he was too cool to actually try, mugs to the camera and reads his lines mechanically off the cue cards. Oh, and Gary Busey is quite obviously hammered throughout his stint. Classic season from a classic show.

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