Movie Review: Baghead

It's like 'Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice', except with bags on their heads.

Dennis suggests Baghead (in Incredibly Strange). DON’T READ THIS REVIEW! Great, so now I’m here all alone. Oh well, I’ll just go on with it anyway. See, the reason I didn’t want them to read about this movie is that I was pleasantly kept off guard by it; it started off as a typical ‘mumblecore’ indie, with a quartet largely inarticulate twentysomething would-be actors attending a film festival and then deciding to head up to a relative’s cabin in the woods to brainstorm their own low-budget movie. So far, so marginally-promising, with all of the shaky camerawork, shot-on-digital graininess, and improvisational cul de sacs that the mumblecore movement loves so much. But then, as the friends (a bickering couple who look like indie versions of Dermot Mulroney and Debra Kara Unger, and a sad sack Jon Lovitz looking dude pining for the fresh, young girl [mumblecore queen Great Gerwig, recently seen in Greenberg] who secretly wants the hunky other guy) come up with a premise of a foursome of twentysomethings stalked by a guy with a bag on his head for their movie, well…see this is why I didn’t want anyone to read this. Thank goodness they’re gone. Anyway me, one of the things I really appreciated about this weird little movie was how it kept going in unanticipated directions; it’s a little funny, a little clever, and a little scary- there were actually a couple of genuine jump-outta-yer-seat moments that actually got me, which is no mean feat.  Neat little movie. Too bad no one’s here to hear about it…

PS:   I suggest pairing Baghead with Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (also in the Incredibly Strange section for a deconstructionist, oddball, dark comic/horror double feature)

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