Movie Reviews: Feast and Feast 2

Dennis suggests Feast and Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds (in Horror).  No one knows how to make exploitation films anymore.  Except maybe Quentin Tarantino, but he’s operating on at least one level of irony when he does it.  And Rob Zombie takes a nice whack at good ol’ throwback grindhouse sleaze,

This is not the Feast you're looking for...

although his movies mostly suck.  I mean, look at ‘horror movies’ today (and I realize that that statement makes me sound really, crochety old)- they blow.  Safe, PG-13, WB-starring limp crapfests alternate with utterly inept studio-engineered mall fare, with the occasional shot-on-DV, straight-to-DVD exercise in amateurism.  It’s bleak.  So that’s why I take a decidedly deviant pleasure in these two films which absolutely relish in blood, boobs, blood, boobs, grime, and a ghoulish, snarky, self-aware willingness to freak out, gross out, and boob out anyone daring to watch them.  It’s all about these monsters that kill people (in a rundown bar in the first, a rundown town the second) when they’re not busy spraying various bodily fluids on, or in, their victims.  Whether they’re sliming ‘30 Rock’’s Judah Friedlander, molesting cats, shredding small children, mounting anyone and anything they can get their scaly johnsons in, ripping Jason Mewes’ face off, or simply spewing literally every bodily fluid they can secrete on a roomful of leather clad biker lesbians, these monsters are a joyfully excessive, unapologetic 70s-era hoot. Sure, the second film, unaided, as the first one was, by Matt & Ben’s Project Greenlight money, lacks the name actors and contains some truly lame special effects,

This is more like it...

but it does make up for that by including even more gore, hyped up fluids and comedy, and a pair of kick-ass midget Mexican wrestlers. Not for, well, anyone really, except sickos like me.  And you.  You over there…  (There’s a third one out there, too.  I intend to bask in its drippy glory as soon as I’m feeling disreputable enough.  Maybe next Wednesday…)

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