TV Review: Life After People

The Cubs are never gonna win a World Series...even if people don't disappear.

>>> Dennis suggests Life After People (in Documentary). Taking time out from documenting every last millisecond of WWII, the History Channel produced this speculative documentary about what would happen to the world if we people just…disappeared. Bum…bum…BUMMMM! Talking with experts (on metallurgy, nature, and, um, people disappearing, I guess) the doc posits how long it would take for the power to go out all around the world (Hoover Dam would keep generating long after the rest of the world went dark…until tiny mussels shut it down!), for various fauna to recolonize the human-less cities (deer, pigeons, and wolves’d do great, pugs and bichon frises not so much), for oceans to recover from our overfishin’ and pollutin’ ways (rebounds nicely, although persistently pernicious plastic remains a problem), and for our stately structures to crumble back into nothing (cue lots of GCI shots of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and the Space Needle plummeting right into the camera). With some overly-dramatic narration and some spooky music accompanying all the scholarly speculation, the effect is slightly cheesy but undeniably thrilling. I love decay anyway (as George Carlin once said, “I’m an entropy buff”), and, frankly, I could watch this sort of thing for about ten hours; it’s exciting, intriguing, and eventually sort of sadly beautiful to think how, after a thousand years of us disappearing, it’s like we’d hardly have been here, at all.

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