Movie Review: Start the Revolution Without Me

Gene's bigger for a reason.

>>> Dennis suggests Start the Revolution Without Me (in Comedy). Blazing Saddles, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Stir Crazy, Young Frankenstein, this movie…there was a time when Gene Wilder was the funniest, most bizarrely original actor in movies. He was at his loony, electric best when, like in this uneven, knockabout farce about two mismatched set of identical twins who get caught up in the French Revolution, his character is allowed to build, slowly, but steadily, to a state of high dudgeon and/or excitement. There’s a scene in this one where Wilder’s arrogant aristocrat stops dead and stares at his put-upon wife when she, in a moment of unguarded exasperation, points out that the falcon which Wilder constantly carries perched on his upraised arm, is, and has always been, quite dead and stuffed. He, caught short in mid-rant, just stares at his suddenly terrified wife and asks her, very quietly, ‘What did you just say’, before ramping up his anger again. You’d have to see it (obviously, and I urge you to), but it makes my sides hurt just thinking about it. Wilder romps through this generally-amiable farce, animating every scene he’s in with a loopy, unpredictable energy that makes it all well worthwhile. I miss Gene Wilder.

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  1. A great film that for some reason not a lot of people know about — I agree, Wilder is pretty damn funny in this — I miss that Gene too…

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