Videoport’s Dennis in the Press Herald!

Yup, Videoport Jones (in disguise as himself) somehow got hired to write about local film for the Portland Press Herald!  Here’s an archive of his articles:

5/2/10- Summer Movie Preview!

4/29/10- Eddy Bolz and the Local Film Scene

5/6/10- Movie Review: Fumble

5/13/10- Introducing Maine Filmmakers Part 1

5/20/10- Movie Review: The Wrong House

5/27/10- The Worst Maine Accents in Movie History!

6/2/10- KahBang Film Festival

6/10/10- Introducing Maine Filmmakers Part 2

6/10/10- The Next TV-Show-to-Movie?

6/17/10- The Geek Chorus!

6/24/10- Project AWARE

7/1/10- Adelle premiere

7/8/10- David Meiklejohn and the Portland film scene

7/15/10- What is Indie Film?

7/22/10-Tristan Gallagher and the New Portland Indie Film Scene

7/29/10- Indie Film Calendar

8/5/10- Strongman

8/12/10- KahBang Film Festival Progress Report

8/19/10- The Portland Maine International Film Festival

8/26/10- Doubting Thomas premiere

9/1/10- Hannah Weddle and Glasnost Coda

9/8/10- The 48 Hour Film Project

9/15/10- Jon Courtney, SPACE Gallery, and the Portland arthouse scene

9/22/10- Zack Handlen and the AV Club

9/29/10- The Camden International Film Festival

10/6/10- Christian and Sarah Matzke, Last Call, and Damnationland

10/13/10- Derek Kimball and The Bully

10/20/10- Allen Baldwin and Damnationland

10/28/10- Damnationland!

11/4/10- Killing Toni

11/11/10- The Best Artist Biopics of All Time

11/18/10-Cremaster at the Museum

11/25/10- Holiday Movie Preview

11/25/10- The Maine Studios

12/1/10- Lobster

12/8/10- Herb & Dorothy

12/16/10- Holiday Gifts for Movie Geeks!

12/23/10- Ragged Isle

12/30/10- Greg Stump and the Legend of AAHHHs

1/5/11- 2Grand

1/12/11- Erik Moody and the Portland Film Scene

1/12/11- The Best and Worst Superhero Movies of All Time!

1/19/11- Movie Review: Marwencol

1/26/11- The Found Footage Festival

2/2/11- The Indie Oscars!

2/10/11- The Scriptsation Screenwriting Competition.

2/17/11- See the Oscar Nominees Before the Big Day!

2/24/11- Movie Review: Topsy Turvy

3/1/11- Movie Review: William S Burroughs- A Man Within

3/8/11- “Rated Local” Film Festival

3/17/11- The Lewiston Auburn Film Festival

3/24/11- The Maine Jewish Film Festival

3/31/11- Scooter McGruder

4/7/11- The Elephant in the Living Room

4/14/11- Harry Shearer and The Big Uneasy

4/21/11- Including Samuel

4/28/11- Film Chowdah and Rated Local

5/5/11- Summer Movie Preview!

5/5/11- Back to the Beyond

5/12/11- My Heart Is an Idiot

5/19/11- The Maine Film and Video Association

5/26/11- Katie Aselton and Black Rock

6/1/11- Dovid Muyderman and Lighthouse

6/8/11- St. Lawrence Arts Center Local Film Series

6/15/11- Geroge Dalphin and the 48 Hour Film Project

6/22/11- Movie Review: 13 Assassins

6/29/11- 4th of July Films

6/29/11- Rooftop Movies

7/7/11- Vacationlanders

7/14/11- Malcolm McDowell

7/14/11- Maine International Film Festival

7/21/11- The Strand Theater

7/28/11- Movies at the Portland Public Library

8/4/11- The 2010 KahBang Film Festival

8/11/11- The Maine Summer Shorts Festival

8/18/11- SPACE night at the Saco Drive-In

8/25/11- Kyle Rankin and Nuclear Family

9/1/11- Allen Baldwin and Up Up Down Down

9/8/11- Movies at the Museum

9/15/11- The Doxita Film Festival

9/22/11- Kate Kaminski and the Bluestocking Film Festival

9/29/11- The Camden International Film Festival

10/6/11- The Portland Maine Film Festival

10/13/11- Anatomy of the Tide

10/13/11- The Most Iconic Movies of the 90’s

10/20/11- Damnationland 2011

10/27/11- Zombie Night at the State Teatre

11/3/11- The Wild & Scenic Film Festival

11/10/11- The Coast City Comicon

11/17/11- Review: The Black Power Mix Tape

11/23/11- Clockwork Pirate Productions

12/1/11- “The Barn”

12/8/11- Portland Independent Shorts

1/12/12- Richard DeCosta and “K’ai- Death of Dreams”

1/19/12- “40 West”

2/1/12- Best and Worst of 70’s Exploitation Movies!

2/1/12- Fenway Park: The Documentary

3/1/12- “Windfall”

3/8/12- Portland Children’s Film Festival

3/15/12- Maine Jewish Film Festival

3/29/12- The ‘Stache Film Fest!

4/4/12- See Girl Run

4/12/12- You Can’t Kill Stephen King

4/19/12- The Perennial Plate at SPACE

4/26/12- The Freddie Mercury Movie

4/26/12- Film Chowdah

5/3/12- The Telling Room

6/20/12- Nor’easter

8/23/12-The 48 Hour Film Festival

9/19/12- Camden International Film Festival

10/11/12- Kyle Rankin and Damnationland 2012

11/29/13- The Entertainment Experiment

12/6/12- No Refund For Content

12/12/12- I Enlist Portland’s Finest Nerds on the New Star Trek Movie

12/19/12- Django Unchained

12/27/12- Sure To Be Overlooked Oscar Picks

1/3/13- SPACE’s Health Care Film Series

2/15/13- 2013 Indie Film Calendar

3/28/13- Most Iconic 80s Movies

4/4/13-The Portland Children’s Film Festival

9/12/13- The Act Of Killing

12/26/13- Muscle Shoals Review

1/16/14- Frontier Cinema

1/23/14- The Crash Reel

1/30/14- 2014 Oscar Mistakes!

2/6/14- Movies Based On Toys!

2/27/14- Lloyd Kaufman!

4/10/14- Beneath The Harvest Moon

5/1/14- The Strand Theater


5/28/14- Sanford International Film Festival

6/12/14- Emerge Film Festival

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