VideoReport #211- The 4th Annual Videoport Movie Trivia Quiz!

Hey, internet pals!  This is the quiz.  Feel free to download it, or upload it, or whatever it is you crazy kids get up to, but please know that you’ve actually got to bring your completed entry into the store.  C’mon outside, sweetie…it’s okay…

VideoReport #211- The 4th Annual VideoReport Trivia Quiz!
It’s been another year, and Videoport wants to, again, thank all of you loyal Videoport customers who continued to choose us as your movie store by subjecting you to the longest, hardest movie trivia quiz we could come up with!
The Rules:
>>>The contest begins on Monday, August 31st at whatever time Dennis gets off his lazy butt and drops the thing off at the store.
>>>The contest ends on Monday, September 21st at store’s close (11pm).  Be one minute after 11, and it’s tough cookies, baby.
>>>Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 22nd, again, whenever Dennis gets around to it.
>>>All judges decisions are sooo final.
>>>In the case of a tie, the entry received first at Videoport will take the prize (so get your entry in quickly)!
>>>Once your entry is in, no take-backsies.
>>>One entry per Videoport account (if you’ve got a joint account, that means one entry per couple).
>>>Current and past Videoport employees, their families, and love-monkeys are not eligible; (please do not dump your current Videoport employee just so you can enter the contest).
>>>The winner will be the person with the most points (duh).

1. This director of acclaimed documentaries critical of a US retailer, the Iraq war, and a  right-wing media mogul was also, in earlier days, the director of one of the most notorious musical film flops in movie history. ________________
2. This recent release boasts an endorsement on the DVD cover from former Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez. _____________
3. Name 5 movies Videoport owns that feature Clint Eastwood on the front cover holding a gun _________________________
4. Name 5 movies you can find on the Videoport shelves featuring a smiling Jack Nicholson’s teeth on the front cover __________________________
5. Name the 3 movies Videoport owns starring Steven Seagal and having the word ‘Out’ in the title _____________________
6. How many movies does Videoport own that feature Matthew McConaughey on the front cover leaning back on his co-star: ________________________________
7. What were the two nicknames of the character Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day?  ________________________________
8. Name 3 directors who have remade their own (feature-length) movies (plus the titles): ________________________________
9. Name the percentages of the elements that make up ‘Futurama’’s fun-loving robot Bender (yes, they add up to more than 100%):  _______________________________________
10. This Spanish language film’s title refers to the medical condition spina bifida. ________________________________
Celebrity Death Corner! (Questions 11-13)
11.  In September 1932, this actress committed suicide by jumping to her death from the letter H in the Hollywoodland sign. _______________________
12.  Which actress is a John Hughes film was beaten to death before the film premiered?  ___________________________
13.  This star of a TV series (found in Videoport’s Sci Fi Fantasy section) killed himself playing Russian Roulette: ________________________
14. What was the first film to receive the dreaded NC-17 rating?  _________________________
15. This Charlie Chaplin film won an Oscar twenty years after it was first released: _______________________________
16. This actor has played the Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Mummy on the big screen. ________________
The VideoReport Quiz DVD Handling Section (17-19)
PAY ATTENTION!  All questions you get right in this section get you the regular one point each.  Any of these questions you get wrong will COST YOU TEN POINTS.  You know why…
17. When is it okay to touch the shiny side of one of our DVDs?____________________
18. When should you leave one of our DVDs out of its protective case when it is not actually being played? ________________
19. If you see a smudge on a Videoport DVD, how would you clean it off?  A. Windex  B. Toothpaste  C. Very fine sandpaper  D. NO, NO, NO!!! ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE?!?!  USE A SOFT, CLEAN CLOTH (OR ONE OF THE DVD CLEANING WIPES FOR SALE AT VIDEOPORT)!!!  C’MONN!!!
20. Legend has it that Buster Keaton suggested to this disgraced actor/director that he should change his name to “Will B. Good”.  _________________________
What’s That Movie…  (Questions 21-26)
21.  …where the writer/director excretes on camera? __________
22.  …with Marlene Deitrich stripteasing her way out of a gorilla suit? ____________________
23.  …that shows Dave Foley’s weenie? __________________
24.  …where Yul Brynner croons “Mad about the Boy” in drag? ___________________
25.  …where Catherine Deneuve spends a long weekend with a rotting rabbit?  ___________________
26.  …where Isabelle Adjani gets it on with the tentacled thing? __________________
27.  In this 1956 film, the familiar Majestic Mountain in the Paramount logo is replaced with Mount Sinai.  ______________
28.  In 2005, the Legislation of Idaho passed House Concurrent Resolution number 29, a resolution praising the writer and writer-director team who made this offbeat teen comedy.  ______________________
Kids love homages! Name the classic kids’ movie that rips off pays tribute to the classic film below: (#s 29-32)
29. The Seven Samurai, with goofy voices and lots of legs:__________
30.  A poultry pastiche of Stalag 17 and The Great Escape: _______________
31.  Hamlet on the veldt:_________________
32.  An underwater saga spoofing The Godfather:___________
33. In 1992, this actress played her own grandmother in a Hollywood biopic:  _____________________________
34. This Hollywood legend directed both his parent and his child in Oscar-winning performances: _________________________
35. These two 1999 sci-fi films — one an action blockbuster and one a moody neo-noir — have more in common than their genre origins; they shared many of their buildings and sets: _________________________________
36. This two-time Grammy winner has appeared in films as a pioneer of electrical engineering, a famously mundane pop artist, and a Roman politician: ___________________________
37. Jamie Lee Curtis spent under a hundred bucks at J.C. Penney’s to provide her wardrobe for this film: ______________
38.  TV’s curmudgeonly Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) is inspired by what fin de siecle figure?  a. H.G. Wells  b. Sherlock Holmes
c. Jack the Ripper  d. Dr. Moreau
39. Under Stanley Kubrick’s direction, the star of this film scratched a cornea and suffered a bout of temporary blindness, cracked several ribs, and nearly drowned: _________________
40.  The shortest Oscar acceptance speeches are “Thank you,” (by a Best Actor winner) and “Thanks” (by an Honorary Oscar winner). Who uttered these memorably brief acceptance speeches? _______________________________________
41.  The word “vampire” is never used in this classic 1987 vampire film: ___________________
42.  Three of the stars of the film in #41 also had starred in another classic horror film the previous year.  Name it:  _____________________
43.  This real life sitting US senator had a speaking role in a 2008 superhero blockbuster: ________________________
44.  This Oscar award winning actor was college roommates with a future vice president while at Harvard:  _____________
April’s Disney Corner (Questions 45-50)
Lets see if you (or your kids, if you have them) can complete the following Disney quotes:
45.  “_____________________…it means no worries” – The Lion King
46.  “Remember: Always let your __________ be your guide.” – Pinocchio
47.   “A ________ is a wish your heart makes” – Cinderella
48.  “The flower that blooms in _________ is the most rare and beautiful of all.” – Mulan
49.  “__________ means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.” – Lilo & Stitch
50.  “Better read it first, for if one drinks much from a bottle marked “_________”, it’s almost certain to disagree with one sooner or later.” – Alice In Wonderland
Regan’s John Hughes Memorial Quote-o-Rama (#s 51-64)
Match the quote to the Hughes film  A=The Breakfast Club, B=Pretty in Pink, C=Some Kind of Wonderful, D=Weird Science
51.  “Don’t go mistaking paradise for a pair of long legs” ____
52.  “Good morning, turd brain” _____
53.  “Bondage has no place in my life” _____
54.  “You know how much damage we could do to each other in an hour?” ____
55.  “…if we’re gonna shoot, we gotta shake it man”  _____
56.  “You are a parent’s wet dream” ____
57.  “Another giant step way from virginity I went” _____
58.  “It’s hot.  White hot”  _____
59.  “Ray, this is 1987.  Did you know a girl can be whatever she wants to be” _____
60.  “You’re stewed, buttwad” _____
61.  “You are a slut, aren’t you, Benny?” _____
62.  “Middle name is Ralph, as in puke” _____
63.  “Have you ever seen a girl with a drumstick shoved up her nose?” _____
64.  “‘Molay’ really pumps my nads” _____
Videoport Trivia (Questions 65-68)
65.  Describe one of the buttons that the Pee Wee Herman doll is wearing.  (Psst- he’s hanging on the wall…somewhere) _________________
66.  How many dancing girls are on the fighter plane at Videoport?  ____________________
67.  What is the now-defunct brand of TV lurking in the corner at Videoport? _____________________
68.  What are the two sentences the Hulk gloves say?  ___________________________________________________
ANDY-NALOGIES!!!!  (Questions 69-71)
69.  Donald Pleasance is to Malcolm McDowell as Adrienne Barbeau is to ______________________
70.  Ball of Fire is to A Song Is Born as The Man Who Knew Too Much is to _____________________________________
71.  Christopher Serone is to Ray Liotta as David Kross is to __________________
Videoport Scavenger Hunt!  (Questions 72-76)
Find the DVD with the following images on their front covers:
72.  A nun holding a chicken (Foreign Language section): ____________
73.  Astronaut (Criterion section): ___________________
74.  Giant green lizard man grabbing a lady (Classics section): ____________________
75.  Woman dancing with robot (Incredibly Strange section): _____________________________
76. Presidential seal with electric guitars, eagle, and marijuana joints (also Incredibly Strange section): ___________________
77.  The spookily-cheery song from this legendary nightmare cult film (found in the Incredibly Strange section of course) has been covered by bands as diverse as The Pixies, DEVO, Bauhaus, and Miranda Sex Garden: ______________________
The Rage’s Foreign-y Title Funhouse! (Questions 78-82)
Many times foreign language titles are weird and don’t work. So the movie you end up renting at Videoport, might be known under a completely different title in a different part of the world. Below you will find five movie titles that you are used to. Connect them to the corresponding movie title the same movie is known as in a different part of the world.
78. The Memory of a Killer ___
79. Undercover Kitty ___
80. Death Proof ___
81. Let the Right One In ___
82. The Vanishing ___
A. Boulevard of Death (Boulevard de la Mort)
B. Without a Trace (Spoorloos)
C. Creature of the Night (Criatura de la Noche)
D. Minoes
E. The Alzheimer’s Case (De Zaak Alzheimer)
The Rage’s Anagram Madness!  Unscramble the titles:
83.  COKED PUNK __________________
84. WACKO ANGLO ROCKER ______________________
85.  NEAREST TO A URINAL _______________________
86. MACAQUE FOOLS NUT ________________________
87. FORLORN COUNTY DEMON ____________________
88.  DRESS GROOVIER _________________________
89. URBAN LENDER ___________________________
90. THE HATED FROG ______________________
91. BUS GETS SHORTER _______________________
92. MAD SNIPER __________________________
JackieO’s Movie Roundelay! (Questions 93-101)
93. Coretta Scott King paid the hospital bill when a certain future actress was born.  An British actor has made two movies with director Mike Hodges.  The first movie that actress and that actor costarred in was “Closer”.  What was the second? _________
94. That movie also starred, in the role of “Jeff Bauer” a multi-talented actor/screenwriter/director. What was his directorial debut? ________________
95. That movie, which we probably recommended to every last one of you, starred this actor, previously seen as a reflective hitman toward the end of the movie “Safe Men”, a movie we have also probably recommended to every last one of you. __________________
96. That actor delivers what is arguably the funniest line —Have you ever had a dream with a dwarf in it? Do you know anyone who’s had a dream with a dwarf in it? No! I don’t even have dreams with dwarves in them. The only place I’ve seen dwarves in dreams is in stupid movies like this! “Oh make it weird, put a dwarf in it!” Everyone will go “Woah, this must be a f***in’ dream, there’s a f***in’ dwarf in it!”. Well I’m sick of it! You can take this dream sequence and stick it up your a**! — in this movie costarring Steve Buscemi and James LeGros._______________
97. That movie also costarred this adorable, if underrated, actress.  Gosh, she is so pretty.  I mean, her teeth are kind of weird, but in a really cute way.  And she’s so talented, too.  She’s worked with so many notable directors, such as Sydney Pollack, Steven Soderbergh, Judd Apatow, Danny DeVito, Nicole Holofcener, Rebecca Miller, Neil LaBute, Spike Jonze, Sean Penn, and Barry Levinson.  Who is this ravishing brunette who said, “Maybe it’s better that we just can’t get pregnant. I feel like we shouldn’t pass on this gene pool.” in Hamlet 2? _______________
98. The day that actress was born, March 23, 1959, was the very same day this actor — who although raised as an Orthodox Jew has played Santa Claus in three movies, including an animated made-for-TV Christmas movie costarring Drew Barrymore — was married to his first wife. _______________
99. That actor recently lent his voice talents to this animated movie made by Pixar (coming to DVD November 10, kids!). __________
100. That movie was written by three people, one of whom has also worked as an actor, most notably as an unscrupulous reporter on your favorite HBO series The Wire.  That writer/actor is…? _______________
101. That writer/actor also had a small role in what movie directed by the multi-talented screenwriter of the movie “State of Play” (which, by the way, is available to rent today, if you’re reading this on September 1st.)? ________________
102. The tagline for the 1964 Bette Davis flick Dead Ringer is “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, now who’s the fairest twin of all?”  I get it, I get it; it’s like Snow White, but what is inherently wrong with that sentence? ____________________________
103. Late monologist Spalding Gray (Gray’s Anatomy, Swimming to Cambodia, Monster in a Box) was in a porno?!?  You can rent it at Videoport!?!  It’s totally depraved and I never ever ever ever ever want to see it?!? Well tell me what it’s called anyway!  __________________________

Whew.  Seriously, we really stuck it to you guys this year.  But, hey, do your best, rack your brains, and hit that Google (oh, yeah, we know how you operate…)- somebody’s gotta win, right?  Oh, did we mention…winners!  Who get prizes!  Check this out:
The top three scorers have their choice of any one of the following TV series boxed sets:  ‘Rescue Me’- season 5, ‘The Office’- season 5, or ’30 Rock’- season 3! OH…MY…GOD!!
Plus, everybody who enters gets two free Videoport rentals (which’ll be awarded once the contest is over).  So, get crackin!

Oh, and the week’s new releases: American Son, Goodbye Solo, ‘Thirtysomething’- season 1, ‘Supernatural’- season 4, ‘Rescue Me’- season 5, ‘People Like Us’, Good Dick, ‘Wallflower’- season 1, ‘Brothers and Sisters’- season 3, ‘Desperate Housewives’- season 5, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, Sugar, Earth, ‘Hell Girl’- season 1, State of Play, A Day in the Life, ‘CSI’- season 9, ‘Heroes’- season 3, Rudo y Cursi, Full Grown Men, The Daytrippers, and the almost-completely-unrelated Inglorious Bastards and Inglorious Bastards 2.

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  1. Jackie’s questions give me a headache. I think that’s a compliment.

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