TV Review: How I Met Your Mother

Dennis suggests ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (in Comedy).  Videoport’s Regan made me watch this.  Sure, I was reluctant (there was a distinct cheeseball feel about it), but, if I have learned anything from working at Videoport, it’s that you never, ever, cross Regan.  So Mrs. Videoport Jones and I watched it and, whaddayaknow, Regan was right again (although I’m still holding out against her enduring championing of Shag: The Movie).  Sure, the whole wraparound premise (in the future, an unseen narrator [Bob Saget?] tells stories supposedly illuminating the titular event to his bored-looking kids) is the sort of thing that you sense the

We're still the stars, right?

We're still the stars, right?

creators wish they could be free of at about the third episode, and the two intended leads are not what they could be (he’s a wannabe-but-ain’t Zach Braff, and she’s just kinda purty- to this day I can’t make myself remmber the actors’ names), but we found ourselves really getting into the show, even getting on Regan’s case for having the one disc we needed at her house.  And then we backed off immediately because, well, you never, ever, EVER cross Regan.  I can not stress this enough.  Anyhoo, so what makes this admittedly formulaic sitcom with a lame central premise and some fairly colorless leads worth your time and hard-earned moolah?  It’s

The best "supporting players" on TV.

The best "supporting players" on TV.

the three ‘supporting’  players that make me think I’m gonna have to purchase this series and watch it again and again.  As Marshall and Lily, the college sweetheart best pals-of-the-lead who’ve been together for ten years, Jason Segal (‘Freaks and Geeks’, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I Love You Man) and the unbearably-adorable Allyson Hannigan (Willow from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’) make the funniest, cutest, and yet most-believable couple on TV; as they refine their characters, you really get to love ‘em, and when they choose to bust out with some heartfelt drama, they can rip your heart out.  And then there’s Barney, the relationship sitcom’s requisite horndog, transformed from stereotype to elite, legendary TV character  by the work of everybody’s favorite child



actor who didn’t turn out to be a sad, pathetic shell, Neil Patrick Harris.  Here, as in Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog and the Harold and Kumar movies (as well as stellar Tonys host), Harris continues to dazzle with his comic (and musical) chops.  For all its aforementioned flaws, this one is, ultimately, pretty damned lovable.

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  1. I too am a champion of HIMYM (see I even abbreviate it). It is truly one of my favorite shows on tv.

    Barney, Marshall and Lilly make the show. And over the seasons Robin has really grown into her character too. Ted and the laugh track are the weakest links, but I got the impression at the end of the most recent season the writers realized they written Ted over the edge and were trying to bring him back.

    This show, if you watch in real time, has done really fun online tie ins. (SLAP BET countdown for one). Barney is constantly mentioning some ridiculous website, and when you go to url, its always there. The funniest from last season is still up:

    I’ve started buying the DVDs and they are the perfect go to rainy day, I need to be cheered up shows for me. I was sick while my boyfriend was away last fall and did almost all of season one in a weekend.

  2. My special ladyfriend and I also have the very comforting habit of buying and then watching entire seasons of series that we like. It’s the perfect way to chill at home, sometimes while doing something else you can pay attention to while the show makes you chuckle in the background. Right now, our shows in heave rotation are ‘HIMYM’, ‘Scrubs’, ‘The West Wing’ (seasons 1-4 only), ‘Arrested Development’, ‘The State’ (new to the lineup), ‘Slings & Arrows’, ‘Friends’ (I found four complete seasons last month at Big Lots! for $6 apiece, so…), ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Futurama’, ‘Home Movies’, and, of course, everything Joss Whedon ever made.

    As to ‘HIMYM’, yeah, I like it. The ‘supporting’ 3 are just delightful, and the two ‘stars’ are, well, fine. Not a great show, but a funny, pleasant one that gives three very talented actors free reign to smack it out of the park; certainly serviceable enough to have on while you’re on the computer…

  3. Its like as if you and your special lady friend and me and my special man friend are some kind of couple soulmates. Those are some of our favorite shows.

    Evidence: One of our dog’s name is Turk.

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