Movie Review: Blood, Boobs and Beast/ Nightbeast

Dennis suggests Blood, Boobs, and Beast (in Incredibly Strange).  Ever heard of Don Dohler?  Nope, I hadn’t either.  He was a super-low-budget Baltimore filmmaker who specialized in sci fi/horror schlock that made citymate John Waters images-5look like Sergei Eisenstien (Dohler’s 80’s-era crapfest Nightbeast is included with your rental, free o’charge).  So why does this guy rate his own documentary retrospective?  Well, the fellow schlockmeisters at Troma Entertainment picked up Nightbeast to distribute and threw in this doc for free (or is it vice-versa?).  But, unlike the citizens of Tromaville, whom I generally disdain because they seem so proud of their inability to make a good movie (even a good bad movie), Dohler actually comes off as a relatively sober, serious, and, in his own way, ambitious filmmaker who decided to make films rather than slave away doing something he hated.  Sure, he was terrible at it, but I still sort of root for the guy.  Utterly unpretentious about his own skills, Dohler comes across as a puzzlingly ordinary man; sort of like your dad’s golf buddy, except that, instead of selling life insurance, he shoots nasty, sleazy horror films (literally in some cases) in his own backyard.  Oh, and I



watched most of Nightbeast, and it’s well worth the nothing you’ll pay for it when you rent the documentary; awesomely bad monster, and as grimily unappealing a sex scene as you’ll see outside of the adult section!  (Pasty, middle-aged white guy with moustache, zero muscle tone and salt-and-pepper merm plus pasty, tanlined, nonprofessional, embarassed-looking lady who looks like your childhood friend’s chain-smoking mom [she was actually Dohler’s mom’s hairdresser] equals bllleeeaaaahhhhhhhh….heebie-jeebies.  Fun!)

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