TV Review: Kitchen Confidential

Dennis suggestskitchen confidential (in Comedy). Based super-loosely on the culinary memoir by bad-boy chef Anthony Bourdain, this sitcom was yanked from FOX’s schedule a few years ago in record-setting time (there must have been a reality show that just couldn’t wait). In fact, although thirteen episodes were made, FOX chopped it off after only four had aired (hmmm, sound familiar?), depriving us of a pretty decent little sitcom. (Requisite Jim Belushi attack here: I mean, ‘According to Jim’ was on the air for nearly a decade, for christ’s sake). Playing the bad boy chef is the very talented Bradley Cooper (newly-minted as a leading man with The Hangover) who brings his patented combination of comic timing, handsomeness, and crazy eyes to the role of a former drunk and addict who accepts the challenge of whipping together a staff for the new restaurant of New York mogul Frank Langella (master of dry comic menace). Assembling a crack, yet mangy, kitchen crew (including comedy all-star bench warmers Jon Cho [Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle], Nicholas Brendon [Xander from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, and John Francis Dailey from the great, and equally-unfairly-neglected, ‘Freaks and Geeks’ among others), Cooper’s Bourdain works up a nice, propulsive comic chaos as he transforms the eatery into the toast of the town, and a hotbed of ribald, wackiness. Sure, it’s not in any way groundbreaking, but the laughs are there, Cooper has very unhygienic relations with a variety of ladies on some cooking surfaces, and, with its idiot-truncated episode count, it’s not like it’s gonna take over your life.

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