Movie Review: Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video

imagesDennis suggests Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video (in Incredibly Strange). Pretty much the definition of ‘Incredibly Strange’, this grainy, sloppy, shot-on-video comedy omnibus film was created by the comic prince of darkness, SNL and National Lampoon’s Michael O’Donoghue. A loose, rambling, utterly psychotic collection of sketches, weird filmed bits, and essentially anything O’Donoghue thought would make people feel unwell, Mondo Video was originally financed by SNL’s Lorne Michaels as a possible NBC project which, when NBC saw it, quickly became a non-NBC project which was blown up to big screen size (thus enhancing the already grubby look) where very very small audiences reacted with revulsion, confusion, and general queasiness. Which, no doubt, pleased Mr. Mike to no end. (He was reportedly thrilled at reports of one theater where patrons actually tore up the place when they couldn’t get their money back). It’s a pretty singular experience, with Mr. Mike’s SNL pals showing up in unsettlingly-unfamiliar ways; Dan Aykroyd shows off his (genuine) webbed toes, Gilda and Laraine (along with Carrie Fisher, Margot Kidder, and Debbie Harry) expound on their creepy love of gross nerds, Bill Murray does something odd I can’t quite remember. Plus: Gig Young’s groceries, cats thrown in pools, Root Boy Slim doing a very long and sweaty version of ‘Boogie ’til You Puke’, Sid Vicious, electrocuting an elephant, LaserBra 2000 and much, much more. Yup, the Incredibly Strange section gets just that much incredibly stranger…

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