Movie Review: The Comedians of Comedy

Dennis suggests The Comedians of Comedy (in, um, well Comedy, I suppose…).  Again, I usually forego writing reviews of standup comedy performances;  there doesn’t seem to be much to say except, ‘that guy was wicked funny…he said this one funny thing, etc’.  But this DVD, a multi-comic performance by, essentially, every hip, cutting edge current standup working today is worth a mention for its sheer volume of entertainment value.  Hosted by that hilarious, nerdy little gremlin Patton Oswalt, The Comedians of Comedy features the following performers (with handy, one sentence minireviews!):  Oswalt appears throughout and, having only heard about his chops from others, I am now officially a fan; he introduces: Maria Bamford (weird, weird lady grows on you, her little girl space cadet manner sliding readily into some shockingly expert mimicry), Jon Benjamin (I love this man [from ‘Home Movies’ and ‘Dr. Katz’ and his team-up with David Cross is unnervingly funny), Doug Benson (stoner comic is about as entertaining as most stoner comics; as I wasn’t stoned myself at the time [being at work in the breakroom], I defer to those who like him [also see his 30-days-of-weed documentary Super High Me]), Blaine Capatch (geekily funny scarecrow of a guy), David Cross (dude’s an irate comedy genius- solid gold), Zach Galifianakis (menacingly bearded drunk comic who, unlike the stoner guy, I actually like; also with a show-ending cameo from his mustachioed ‘twin brother’), Dana Gould (eh- not bad, but a little shticky for the company), Andy Kindler (also from ‘Home Movies’– not bad), Eugene Mirman (also also from ‘Home Movies’ and ‘Flight of the Conchords’– funny, rumpled weirdo with a little Steven Wright/Emo Philips thing going on), Morgan Murphy (can’t remember a thing about her), Brian Posehn (pal of Cross’ from the great ‘Mr. Show’, Posehn has staked out a unique niche for himself as an amiably-disreputable giant nerd;  funny guy), Jasper Red (the lone black guy in the show, the young Red seems a little unsure of himself; not bad, though), and Sarah Silverman (who I am sooo over; fast forwarded through it).  All in all about two hours of nicely-edited, beer-soaked, solid hilarity.  Well worth a rent.

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