Movie Review: The Onion Movie

The Onion Movie

The Onion Movie

Dennis suggests The Onion Movie (in Comedy). Everybody who has any sense of humor today knows The Onion, the fake newspaper (and website) which remains the touchstone of modern social satire (and just plain hilarity). If you think you’re funny and have never heard of The Onion, sorry, but you’re Rich Little thinking you’re Richard Pryor. That being said, this movie, begun in 2003 by The Onion staff, and never released to theaters, after a half decade of tinkering, rewriting, and basically desperate re-jiggering had an unceremonious dumping onto DVD and I gotta say…funny. A loose conglomeration of sketches based in and around the ‘Onion News’, this is sort of a Kentucky Fried Movie-esque hit-or-miss affair, with satire blending with potty humor, self-reflexive jokes, and just plain goofiness in a very satisfying mix. Veteran character actor Len Cariou (Broadway’s original Sweeney Todd) ably plays stalwart Onion News anchor Norm Archer, reporting the skeweringly-funny fake headlines with a straight face, who gets starchily enraged when The Onion’s parent company Global Tetrahedron, starts to mess with his news (in order to promote its new Steven Seagal movie (whose title I’m not going to spoil for you). There are on-target jokes, jokes that are just plain silly, jokes that miss entirely…there are a lot of jokes is what I’m sayin’ (and even though I am loath to give Seagal credit for anything whatsoever, his is pretty damned good). For an almost-abandoned project, I gotta say this was pleasantly surprising and well worth a rent. Oh, and it’s*, by the way…
*and check out the link at your right for the Onion AV Club which, unlike its purely satirical parent, is a dead-serious, if still funny, media review site.

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