Movie Review: The Last Broadcast

Dennis suggests The Last Broadcast (in Incredibly Strange).   From time to time, a customer will throw out a frustrated and desperate plea to us Videoporters, “What is a really scary movie?”  I can get behind their frustration; I am a lifelong, and voracious, devourer of horror movies.  I’ve seen ‘em all, from the big budget, effects-laden, star-bejewelled megaproductions to the scruffy, cheap, utterly disreputable slashers I snuck on Cinemax when my parents were elsewhere and, sadly, most of them really, really suck.  Even horror films I like usually get the nod because of some good performances, a clever story, or a neat, icky monster or two, and not because they’re anything in the neighborhood of ‘scary’.  So, when an admittedly-mostly-mediocre little shot-on-digital flick like The Last Broadcast actually gives me a slight case of the heebie-jeebs, I’ve gotta do it the favor of giving it a recommendation.  Taking the form of an investigative TV report into the mysterious events in the New Jersey Pine Barrens which left two people dead and one other in prison, the movie mixes the report’s narrated investigation with the footage shot on the night of the murders by the three young people themselves, who were out there filming an investigation of the legendary mythological creature the New Jersey Devil for a cable access show.  In case you were wondering, yes, it sounds a lot like The Blair Witch Project (which I maintain is the scariest movie ever made), and, yes, it gets to me in a very similar way.  Shot a few years before Blair Witch, The Last Broadcast, like that film, gradually creeps up on you, gathering you in so that when the shocks come, you’re almost relieved that you don’t have to anticipate them anymore.  Of course, it’s not half the movie Blair Witch was, but that still makes it twice as scary as Saw, Hostel, or whatever pallid remake of a Japanese horror film is coming out this week.  One warning:  the ‘twist ending’, apart from completely violating the logic of everything that went before, is really, really dumb.

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