Movie Review: Real Genius

Dennis suggests Real Genius (in Comedy).  Remember when Val Kilmer used to have a sense of humor? And films that actually went to the theaters? I know…nice, wasn’t it?  Kilmer’s a pip in this

This Val...

1985 college comedy about the eccentrically-brilliant escapades of students at the Cal Tech simulacrum Pacific Tech who spend their time, when not inventing new technologies, to playing impossible scientific pranks, turning their dorm floor into a skating rink, or freaking out from stress.  Kilmer is Chris Knight, the school’s resident alpha male who has seemingly thrown off the shackles of academic servitude and spends his time using his big, big brain to impress girls, torment his priggish grind neighbor Kent, and mess with the head of freshman roommate, the awkward-but-brainy Mitch.  When Chris discovers that his weaselly professor (the always delightfully-weaselly William Atherton) plans to turn his latest invention into a weapons system for the military, he enlists his equally-heady friends to thwart the plan with a clever, witty, and impossibly (yet not totally-improbably) intelligent scheme of their own.  Funny and snappy, the flick coasts along on Kilmer’s charm and some neat set pieces and makes me wish ol’

...NOT this one...

Val would just lighten up again sometime soon.

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