Movie Review: Escape From New York

Dennis suggests Escape From New York (in Action).   Director John Carpenter and star Kurt Russell’s partnership yielded cheesy, delicious fruit, and none more enjoyable than this gritty, fun piece of cheesefruit, vintage 1981.  Russell plays the awesomely-named Snake Plissken, a gravel-voiced, leather-clad, eyepatch-wearin’ all-around badass who gets sent by the corrupt, fascist US government to prison.  And not just any prison, baby- see, this is the FUTURE (1997-check out those ‘Battlezone’-quality computer graphics!), and Manhattan island has been sealed off from the rest of the world with walls, mines and guards to form America’s one, giant, maximum security prison.  Get convicted of a crime, and you get thrown in; good luck.  NYC’s become a nightmare of roving gangs, dilapidated buildings, and the occasional cannibal, and, after the president of the USA (played somewhat incongruously, and very sweatily by Brit Donald Pleasance) crash lands there, it’s up to Plissken to save the day.  Along the way, he meets up with Harry Dean Stanton, Adrienne Barbeau (and her pendulous cleavage), Ernest Borgnine, and Issac Hayes (as the Duke of New York, A-number 1), all of who have made some sort of life for themselves on the inside, and some of whom may know the location of the weaselly prez.  Oh, and did I mention that Snake’s only got 24 hours to find him, or his head explodes?!  I’m almost sure I did.  It’s dark, cynical, violent, Russell’s money as always, and, if it’s not as genius as the later Russell/Carpenter collaboration, the incomparable Big Trouble in Little China, well, nothing is, so it’s not Escape From New York’s fault…

Oh, and let’s just avoid the jokily regrettable sequel Escape From L.A., ‘kay?

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  1. Dammit! Now I’m hungry for cheesefruit!

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