TV Review: ‘The Bronx Is Burning’

Dennis suggests “The Bronx Is Burning” (in Feature Drama). Hi! I’m the idiot you see stalking the aisles of Videoport decked out in the rotating series of Red Sox jerseys, mumbling random things like, “f-in’ Gagne…”, and bearing the bemused scorn of my disinterested coworkers with long-practiced forbearance. I’m a Red Sox fan is what I’m saying. (Ask me about my tattoo sometime). This fact should be taken into consideration when weighing the following recommendation of this ESPN series about the late-70’s Yankees. Yes, the New York Yankees. The Yankees are, of course, evil, wrong, and the source of all that is awful and smelly at the heart of the great American pastime, but this series does a yeoman’s job of humanizing those legendary jerks, aided immeasurably in that herculean task by the talents of John Turturro (as drunken, belligerent manager Billy Martin), Oliver Platt (as bloated, tyrannical owner George Steinbrenner), and Daniel Sunjata (as egotistical homer- and whiff machine Reggie Jackson). Turturro, especially, creates a movingly complex version of hard-nosed, yet soft spoken, barroom brawler Martin. Crafting a convincingly horrible portrait of 70’s NYC at its most squalid and ‘Son of Sam’-infested, The Bronx Is Burning is a compelling, funny, sad slice of schaudenfreude for all of Red Sox nation, and, if you’re a Yankees fan, well, have a nice, long winter.

And, of course, Yankees suck.

And, of course, Yankees suck.

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