TV Review: ‘Stella’

Dennis suggests “Stella” (in Comedy). This ten episode series from Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black and David Wain (of ‘The State”Wet Hot American Summer, The Baxter, and The Ten fame) is difficult to classify, but here goes: it’s an absurdist, Marx-Brothers-esque, anarchic, postmodern, goofball, dadaist sitcom. Whew- that was a big bunch o’ nothin. Well, in slightly-less pretentious words, it’s the ongoing tale of Michael, Michael and David, three uniquely bonkers roommates

"We can't, we're in a tableau..."

"We can't, we're in a tableau..."

who all dress in suits, have no visible source of income (except for that one episode where they grow crops in their apartment), and often seem to be sending up the conventions of the modern situation comedy with knowing absurdity and anti-comic mugging. Dammit! There I go again with the yak-yak. Anyway, in an even-crampier nutshell, there’re these three doofuses who like to do things in unison, yell a lot, and get up to monkeyshines, and shenanigans and whatnot. Just checking out these guys’ resumes should give you an idea of the brainy/lowbrow dichotomy were talking about here. Dammit! Again! Oh, well, it’s a very funny show.

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