Movie Review: Color of Night

Dennis suggests Color of Night (in Mystery/Thriller).  This “erotic thriller” is, how you say…bananas.  Utterly wacko.  Unrestrainedly loopy, even.  Banana cream pie, smothered in nuts, with a topping of crazy sauce.  This is not a well movie.  Therefore I recommend it highly.  Here’s the setup: after his friend and fellow-shrink is mysteriously murdered, color blind psychiatrist Bruce Willis takes over the dead man’s therapy group, who then start dying off, equally mysteriously, while Bruce takes time off from trying to find his friend’s killer by having really explicit sex with the mysterious Rose, played by Jane Marsh.  Did I mention Willis is color blind?  How about the fact that watching the beefy Willis perform on top of (behind, underwater, etc) the frighteningly petite Marsh (from the equally-explicit The Lover) elicits queasiness and giggle fits alternately?  Or that Color of Night is directed in a virtuoso, over-the-top, delightfully exhibitionistic style by Richard Rush (The Stunt Man)?  Or that Willis’ suspects/therapy patients are made up of stellar supporting scenery-chewers Brad Dourif, Lesley Anne Warren, Lance Henriksen, and Kevin J. O’Connor? (Oh, and this creepy little guy…)  Or that you get your fondest wish and are treated to the sight of Willis’ underwater penis?  Sure, Color of Night is showy, overwrought, implausible, and as mad as a bicycle, but it ain’t boring.

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