Movie Review: Bright Future

Dennis suggests Bright Future (in Made in Japan). Okay, I’m gonna spoil some details in this review so here comes the obligatory SPOILER ALERT! Now, I like obscure films. I’m not one of those babbling ‘American Idol’ fans that can’t handle it when a movie dabbles in ambiguity and doesn’t feel the need to pander to the dumbest of us by spelling out the whole shebang with those little magnetic alphabet letters. And I’ve liked a number of director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s films (like Doppleganger, Pulse, Seance and Cure [all available in Videoport’s Made in Japan section, natch’]), despite, nay, even because of, those pictures’ underlying, mysterious ambiguity), but in his Bright Future I’m just gonna have to throw my hands up, abdicate my movie smartypants throne, and admit that I don’t have a single, motherlovin’ clue what the point of this enterprise is. Here are the details. See what you can do with them: two young dudes work in a factory. When their boss tries to buddy up and make them full-time, one of the dudes murders the boss and his wife. His buddy was going to do it (maybe), for equally obscure reasons, but he beat him to it. Murderer buddy goes to jail and orders buddy #2 to keep acclimating murderer buddy’s poisonous pet jellyfish to fresh water. Did I mention murderer buddy had a pet jellyfish? Anyway, buddy #2 buddies up with murderer’s dad, who runs a salvage business. Murderer kills self in jail. Dad wants to adopt #2, ‘cause he’s so unpredictable, unreliable, and has released a poisonous jellyfish into Tokyo’s canal system. They bond, while people are stung by jellyfish. Dad wants to touch one, so he swims out, gets stung, and is ineffectually rescued (maybe) by #2. The film ends with a neat tracking shot of the gang of Che-Guevara t-shirt clad hooligans that #2 had led in a robbery earlier in the film (did I mention that? I’m almost sure I did…) as they kick cardboard boxes at each other. The end. Why am I suggesting you see this? Well, it’s kind of compelling, and the jellyfish is cool, just ‘blork’-ing away in its tank, and, well, I’m sort of hoping you and I can form some sort of discussion group.

Yeah, nope...don't get this at all...

Yeah, nope...don't get this at all...

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