Movie Review: Something Weird Video’s Extra Weird Sampler

Dennis suggests Something Weird Video’s Extra Weird Sampler (in Incredibly Strange). Now this is what the Incredibly Strange section was created images-9for! Something Weird Video is the cinematic repository of all that is sleazy and wonderful in the world of cult movies*. They are nicely represented at Videoport in both the Incredibly Strange and adult sections, and now with this collection of 90-plus trailers from the greatest of the worst in their grubby, sweating vaults. Virtually crawling with sex, violence, sexual violence, grainy film, grimy monsters, nudies, cuties, and saggy 1960’s patooties, this awesome anthology has more entertainment value than, quite frankly, most of the full-length films themselves. See some current Videoport favorites like Kiss Me Quick, The Amazingimages-8 Transplant, Night of the Bloody Apes, Children of Satan, Two Thousand Maniacs, Basket Case, Street of a Thousand Pleasures, Teaserama, and more, and pester Bill** to get the ones in this collection you can’t wait one more pantsless moment to see (the Doris Wishman-directed double feature of Bad Girls Go to Hell and Another Day, Another Man is my choice). Go ahead and pester him endlessly; I guarantee he’ll cave***…

*Check out their link on the right; yeah…right over there…

images-10**Videoport’s owner, duh.

***not a guarantee.

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