Movie Review: After Dark My Sweet

Dennis suggests After Dark, My Sweet (in Mystery/Thriller).  Better than all of the “After Dark Horror Fest” combined, this 1990 film was part of the spate of Jim Thompson adaptations that produced some gritty, interesting appropriately pulpy flicks (The Grifters, This World, Then the Fireworks) that gave actors a chance to sink their teeth into some sleazily daring material.  Here it’s Jason Patric who’s the beneficiary, and he responds with the best performance of his career as punch-drunk ex-boxer ‘Kid’ Collins.  (“Wow”, I can hear you saying, “the best performance of Jason Patric’s career; you sure you want to make such a bold statement there, fella?”)   All right, pipe down there, Mr. Sarcasm, I happen to like Jason Patric- Speed 2 wasn’t his fault, and he’s good in Rush and Your Friends and Neighbors.  And here, where he creates the perfect film noir patsy, as his escaped mental patient gets drawn into an appropriately-low-rent kidnapping scheme by, as they say, sultry femme fatale Rachel Ward (at the height of her hotness arc), and always creepy Bruce Dern.  Patric, wobbly, dangerous, and seemingly helpless, creates a genuinely memorable and moving character, all in the sparse, clipped Thompson style.

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