Movie Review: The Rapture

thumbnailDennis suggests The Rapture (in Mystery/Thriller). No one ever rents this movie. Well, there’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s time to lay down the law; it’s time for you to rent a truly original, weird, disturbing, and genuinely bold movie. Mimi Rogers is, frankly, astounding, for the first and only time I’ve ever seen, as a woman who…well, here’s the thing. You don’t want to know too much about what happens to her in this movie. Let’s see what I can tell you without ruining things; at the beginning, she and her lover (the peerlessly Eurotrashy Patrick Bachau from Choose Me), are hedonistic swingers, until she starts hearing about “the pearl”, a mysterious symbol, she imagines, of a religious conspiracy. As she follows the clues, her life changes; there’s a new man (a pre X Files David Duchovny) and a small daughter. Then things change again… Nope, I’m not going to tell you any more, except to say that The Rapture goes places few movies go, and no Hollywood movie I’ve ever seen; mysterious, shocking, blasphemous…everything you want in a film, really. Written and directed by Michael Tolkin, screen writer of Robert Altman’s The Player.

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