Movie Review: Everyone Says I Love You

Dennis suggests Everyone Says I Love You (in Comedy). This is probably the last Woody Allen movie I liked unreservedly (this whole ‘late career Rennaisance’ thing..I’m not seeing it); no mean feat considering that it’s a musical, a genre of film that I usually hurry past with my hands over my ears, lest I catch a snatch of a hoedown. In typically secretive Allen fashion, Woody didn’t inform his actors of that fact until they’d already signed on to be in the thing, and the auditory results are a mixed, though charming bag: Alan Alda has a winning, confident tenor, Drew Barrymore (the only one who categorically refused to sing) is dubbed, Edward Norton (as the Woody surrogate) goofs around amiably, Natalie Portman is, mercifully, cut off after a few notes, Julia Roberts is completely tone deaf, but takes a whack at it gamely, Tim Roth does the best job of blending his song and his character, Goldie Hawn has a great, smoky torch song thing going, and, as for Woody himself, when he sits in a lonely hotel room in Venice and forlornly sings, in a reedy but heartfelt voice, the Ella Fitzgerald blues lyric, “I’m through with love/ I’ll never love again/Said adieu to love/Don’t ever call again/For I must have you or no one/ And so I’m through with love”, the results are improbably affecting and made me remember why I love(d?) him so much. The final scene, with Woody and Goldie defying gravity, and the reality of lost love, by the moonlit banks of the Seine, is why movie special effects were created; it, like the movie, is effortlessly charming.

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