Premise!- We Hate Mel Gibson

A fading action star is arrested for drunk driving and unleashes a bigoted, sexist tirade on the arresting officers. It’s Mel Gibson’s most controversial movie yet:

The Year of Driving Dangerously
M.A.D.D. Max
Gimme Back My Career!!
What Women Want…Not to Be Called “Sugar Tits”
Mad, Bigoted Max
Lethanol Weapon
Lethanol Weapon 2: Zyklon B
Tequila Sunrise
Booze & Jews: Beyond Thunderdome
Menorah Without a Face
(In Mayan with slurred English subtitles)
Mad, Drunk, Antisemitic, Homophobic, Sexist Max
Man Without a Clue
It Wasn’t an Antisemitic Tirade, I Was Just Spectacularly Failing the “Recite the Alphabet Backwards” Test
Conspiracy Theory 2: It’s the Jews’ Fault
Mrs. Sugartits
Mrs. Soeffel and Mr. Scumbag
Career Apocalypto
Air America…Is Gonna Have a Field Day With This
We Were Gentiles
Put Another Jew On the Barbie
Jesus Would Definitely Approve of This
The Jews Stole My Accent
Signs (I Don’t Stop For)
We Were Nazi Soldiers
What Hitler Wants
Air Axis
The Passion of the Drunk A-hole
“See? We’re Not So Bad in Comparison”: The Scientology Story
First My Hairline, Now This?
The Road Rage Warrior
Bird Hung On a Piano Wire
Forever Screwed
Attack Force KKK
Mad Max: Beyond Decency

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  1. That’s the thing about being on vacation. You miss out on premise!

  2. Rapeheart
    Mad(der Than Even Previously Thought) Max
    The Year of Speaking Dangerously
    Tequila Hate-rise
    To Be (Hateful) or Not to Be (Racist)
    Forever Scum
    The Man Without a Race (Sensitivity)
    Conspiracy Theory 2: Brown People Want to Screw My Child’s Mother
    Chicken(shit Racist Scumbag) Run
    What Women Don’t Want (To Be Threatened With Rape, Arson, and Spousal Abuse)
    Shitbird on a (Surreptitiously-Recorded) Wire

  3. The Patriarch
    Signs (That He Might Be a Nutter)
    The Raver

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