Premise!- Jean Claude Van Damme is a day care provider pushed too far in:

Dammey Day Care
This One’s for Jimmy!
The Cookie Conspiracy
Permanent Naptime
Lionheart, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Why Are All of You Taller Than Me?
Crib Death Warrant
Daddy Don’t Care
Damme Kids
Kindergarten Timecop
Paternal Instinct
Who’s Your Daddy?
Rugrat Roundhouse
Get Off the Monkeybars!
Dork and a Half
Running With Scissors
Martial Arts and Crafts
Sticks and Stones
Rattle Royale
Tickle Timecop
Down Will Come Baby
Sesame Streetfighter
Timeout Cop
Nursery Crime
Losing Teeth
I’ve Soiled Myself
Bloodsport 2:  Who Made a Stinky?
Dying Over Spilt Milk
You Gonna Finish That Snack Pack?
Pokemon’s Eyes Out
Swingset Soldier
My Accent Does Not Make Me Sound Gay!
Blood and Pudding
Double Dutch Impact
Naptime Cop

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