Premise!- It’s Woody Allen’s latest:

The Woodman is back, starring as some sort of creative artist undergoing both professional and personal crises.  Co-starring Sam Waterston, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Biel, Meghan Fox, etc, etc, in:

Indifferently Titled Woody Allen Project
Coasting on Previous Acclaim
Superfly 2
The Beloved Artist and His Lying, Tight-assed Former Live-In Girlfriend
A Midsummer Night’s Distasteful, May-December Sex Comedy
Verbatim Analyst’s Notes
Sleeper 2: Sleepier
What the Hell Went Wrong?
Slow, Steady Decline
Your Mother Will Love This
Oww…My Glasses
That Darn Jew
Another, Younger Woman
These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty
$2.5 Million Box Office
Sex Crimes and Misdemeanors
The Old Man and the ‘C-minus’ in Entertainment Weekly
I Love a Homogeneously White New York
Farting Around With My Actor Friends
Peaked in the Seventies
Save the Last Knish
Bloodsport V
Playing Out the String
Forced Smiles of the Faithful
I Forgot the Camera Was On
The Romantic Misadventures of Schmucky Putzman
The Seventh Schlemiel
It’s Like That Old Groucho Marx Joke…aww, forget it
Thank God I’m Beloved
Flailing Wildly At This Point
Take the Money and Run
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About My Sex Life*  But Mia’s a Liar
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Schtick*  But Were Afraid to Ask
Crimes and Misanthropy
Font Memories
Hannah and Her Shiksas
The Purple Prose of Cairo
Everyone Says I Love You, Except That Lying Bitch Mia
Manhattan Family Court Mystery
What’s Up Tiger Shiksa?
Husbands and Lies

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  1. I thought Scoop was the best in a long time, though the ending was a little short..and Penelope Cruz was better than I thought she could be in the Barcelona movie; took it over and made it better.

    • Yeah, I know…but this is all proving my point; apart from little bits and pieces (a character performance here, a nice line there), Allen’s films have been in, as one smartassed comment says, one “slow, steady decline”. Everything that was original and fresh has congealed over the years; you can cut out the nice bits and savor them, but the whole is a disspiriting lump. And occasional bright spots (‘Sweet and Lowdown’, ‘Everyone Says I Love You’) cannot obscure the fact that his work for the last 15 or more years can be summed up in “faint praise”. And his recent dip into British melodrama is very, very overrated.

  2. thought Scoop was the best thing since bullets over broadway. and the last one was pretty good…

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