Premise!- Tom Arnold travels back in time to start a softball team in:

Aryans in the Outfield

Morlocks in the Outfield

Orlando in the Outfield

The Philadelphia Phillies Experiment

Caveman Shortstop

MVP: Most Valuable Puritan

Kate & Leopold & George Steinbrenner

Atilla Corks His Sword!

Bill & Ted & Tom’s Excellent Softball Team

Sliders:  Stealing Home

A New York Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

The Broken Space-Time Continuum Club

The Fat Guy From the Future and His Tremendous Softball Team

Immediately Shot With a Crossbow

Eight Knights Out

The Bad News Huns

The Bad News Huns in Breaking Asia

The Bad News Huns Pillage Japan

4th Dimension Stretch

Ed 2: Time Travelling Monkey

56 B.C. Game Hitting Streak

The Life and Time Travels of Hank Greenberg

Pride of the Hittites

I Don’t Care If I Ever Get Back…

If You Build It, They Will Come, From the Future

When Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Vida Blue Meets Doc Brown

Swords, Bats, and Jerky, Hyperkinetic Arm Movements

Thou Art On First, Thee Art On Second, I Know Not Is On Third

Clubhouse Five

A League of Nations of Their Own

Rookie of the Eon

Dislocated Shoulder, Dislocated in Time

Squeeze Play from Yesterday

Imagine King Ralph Meets the Bad News Bears, but With Tom Arnold and Time Travel

The Big, Red, Steam-Powered Machine

On the Hundred Years War Disabled List

Bad Rotator Cuff?  Leeches!

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