Movie Review: 10 Items or Less

Dennis suggests 10 Items Or Less (in Comedy). Written and directed by Brad Silberling (the non-genius responsible for the live action Casper and the milquetoasty-bland Wings of Desire remake City of Angels), this story of an aging, semi-retired movie star who gets stranded at a rundown supermarket while researching a role in a low-budget movie and decides to tag along with the spunky Latina hottie (the improbably beautiful Paz Vega) who rules the titular grocery aisle with a lovely, if iron, hand is really nothing but a slightly twee excuse for Morgan Freeman to let his hair down and be charming and funny. And I wholeheartedly approve.  The late, great Pauline Kael, in her review of Streetwise (which Videoport can’t get because it’s gone out of print and just back off you ravenous freaks) asked, “is Morgan Freeman the greatest actor in America?”, and she was, as ever, way ahead of public opinion in recognizing his greatness.  Often, however, Mr. Freeman gets stuck in the “wise, sexless mentor-guy” role, due to Hollywood being racist, ageist and generally all around lowest-common-denominator unimaginative, and while technically there’s more than a little of that cliché in his role here, 10 Items Or Less allows him to be charming, funny, sexy, and, well, even a little goofy.  And he’s absolutely a joy to watch: commandeering the PA mic at the market, playing around with the guys at a car wash, discovering the heretofore-unimagined joys of mass-market department store shopping (serious product placement in that sequence- I’m not gonna add to it here)- Freeman clearly seems to be having fun.  It’s certainly fun to watch him .  In the list of things I love about movies, Morgan Freeman is, well, on it; I genuinely appreciate that this movie gave him the opportunity to play.

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