Videoport’s staff and customers give you their Best (and Worst) of 2008!

Videoport customer Ed the Renter:
>There Will Be Blood
>The Dark Knight
>No Country for Old Men
>’The Wire’ (season 5)
>Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
>Death Note (live action)
>Heavy Metal in Baghdad
>’Battlestar Galactica’ (I know it didn’t come out this year-but i just discovered it. New series of course)
>and a blanket vote for the spate of Shaw Brothers releases that came out this year- finally! I highly recommend Come Drink With Me, Human Lanterns, and Legendary Weapons of China.
>Lastly a post script to a DVD which Vid-port doesn’t have but should-Cannibal Corpse, Centuries of Torment. This 3 disc set is the most awesome rock doc I’ve seen in ages. Great look at a great band!

Videoport customer Anime Ed:
Ok this is tough ’cause good let alone great cartoons are scarce, and though the great was really great this year it was still slim pickings. so some of these are not new but simply discovered by me this year:
‘>Avatar: Book Three- Fire’ (my god if you haven’t seen Avatar yet you’re just plain dumb. And if you have kids and haven’t shown it to them than you should be locked up for child abuse)
>Gotham Knight
>‘Blood +’
>‘Death Note’ (anime)
>‘Aachi and SSipak’
>‘Justice League Unlimited’
>‘12 Kingdoms’
>‘Venture Bros.’
And remember-down with CGI, down with big name voice talents and down with flash animation that looks like crap. Demand high standards from your cartoons!

Andy’s top 5 DVDs of 2008:
1. The Dark Knight
2. Zodiac: The Director’s Cut
3. ‘Spaced’- the complete series
4.  Gone Baby Gone and The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford (featuring two great performances by Casey Affleck)
5. In Bruges
Andy’s Bottom 5 DVDs of 2008:
5. Teeth (Great concept, awful execution)
4. 30 Days of Night (Same deal.  How could this story be made boring?  Watch it and see.  Or better, don’t)
3. Sleuth (It amazed me how the late Harold Pinter and director Kenneth Branagh could suck all of the fun out of Anthony Shaffer’s play.  It’s dismal)
2. Chapter 27 (Jared Leto gained a s**t-ton of weight in order to be taken seriously as an actor in this boring, pretentious Taxi Driver wannabe.  Lindsay Lohan costars)
1. Southland Tales (The worst, most disappointing movie I’ve seen in a long, loooong time)
> Youth Without Youth (Francis Ford Coppola’s first directoral ‘effort’ in 10 years was almost included on this list, but I’ve been drinking a lot of Coppola’s wine lately and feel like giving the guy a break)

Sam’s Top 10 of 2008:
10. Street Kings
9. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
8. Iron Man
7. Rambo
6. Superbad
5. The Dark Knight
4. Cloverfield
3. Gone Baby Gone
2. Michael Clayton
1. In Bruges

Dennis2: The Rage:
5. (tie) ‘Mad Men’: Episode 1 (Wow!  This show starts with a bang!  The main character is handsome and intriguing and this first episode gears up so many possible plots.  Love it)
5.  (tie)The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (I’ve never rooted more for a main character in a documentary than for this guy, a champion who gets denied his right to the throne of Donkey Kong)
4. Cloverfield (what a great monster flick.  Did not mind the shaky camera)
3. The Strangers (Is everything that Inside was not.  Rational adults terrorized where they’re supposed to be safe but not being able to keep the amoral chaos at a distance)
2. Encounters at the End of the World (Werner Herzog’s finest so far, I think.  Filled with poignant images and symbolism that is really haunting)
1. ‘Extras’ Season Finale (I thought the show was pretty funny when it started, but this is the hors categorie of great.  Hilarious and insightful.  Genius)
5. Terror’s Advocate (I had really high hopes for this documentary, but I felt the main character, an attorney, was holding too much back to be interesting)
4. Inside (a really pointless amount of gore and an incredibly incapable main character)
3. The Ruins (Did not scare me once.  Dull. Lame.  You make up the next one)
2. Shoot ‘Em Up (I think it is quite an achievement to be this bored in what is supposed to be a thrill ride)
1. The Incredible Hulk (My god, what a dull and uninspired movie)

April’s Top 5 of 2008:
>The Dark Knight
>Iron Man
>Tropic Thunder (the theatrical version was better than the director’s cut DVD)
>Ghost Town

Dennis’ Best DVD Releases of 2008:
>The Dark Knight
>Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog
>Forgetting Sarah Marshall
>Gone Baby Gone
>I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone
>In Bruges
>Iron Man
>Michael Clayton
>No Country for Old Men
>The Ten
>Tropic Thunder
>’The Comedians of Comedy’
>’Frisky Dingo’- season 1
>’The Office’- season 4
>’Reno 911’- season 5
>’Spaced: The Complete Series’
>’30 Rock’- season 2
Sleepers Worth a Look:
>The Hammer
>The Onion Movie
>The Signal
Worst of 2008 that I actually saw:
>Street Kings (Sam, you’ve got to be kidding me…)
>Southland Tales (a movie so bad it makes me think less of the director’s first film Donnie Darko)
>88 Minutes (hang it up, Mr. Pacino)
The Guaranteed Worst Movies of 2008 Which I’ll Never Watch (I mean, there was a time when I’d bother to see such things, but I’m pretty busy…):  Witless Protection, Beer for My Horses, Meet Dave, In the Name of the King, The Eye

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