Movie Review: The Dark Night

Dennis suggests The Dark Knight (in Action).  As a super-nerd, I join in with my cheeto-crumb-stained brethren and sistren (well, just brethren, really) in bemoaning the sheer suckitude of essentially all superhero movies.  Why is it so hard for a studio to make a good superhero movie?  Well, first of all, as studio executives, their raison d’etre is to muck up, dumb down, and irretrievably sabotage any really creative or original idea.  After all, there’s money involved!  Of course, by taking the spine out of any superhero story they get their monkey mitts on and sending them to theaters all mushy and safe and digestible, they ensure that they won’t make any money, but, hey…monkeys. ‘Hey, this character has thrilled and enchanted readers for half a century!  Let’s screw with it until it’s almost unrecognizable!  Where’s my cocaine!’ Which is why 2008 was such a happy shock to geeknerds like me everywhere (and we are everywhere).  You had Iron Man, which director Jon Favreau and star Robert Downey Jr. turned into a fun, thrilling adventure story (I’d gush about it more if I didn’t dislike the character of Iron Man so much on general principles; rich, corporate-friendly, and vaguely right-wing…no thanks…plus he killed Captain America).  And then you got this.  The best comic book movie ever made.  Now, instead of going on and on ad nauseum about how cool and great and awesome and excellent it is, I’ll, instead, list all of the things I didn’t like.  Ummm…well, Christian Bale’s growly voice as Batman is not really suited for the sheer amount of speechifying he had to do near the end.  And Maggie Gyllenhall (while an acting trade-up over the bland Scientology-hostage Katie Holmes) has a weird skull-face.  And that’s it.  Perhaps the studios will learn from the artistic and, yes, financial successes of these two films and let the geeks do these movies right.

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