Movie Review: The Signal

Dennis suggests The Signal (in Horror).  I love a good horror movie.  Sadly most horror movies, even more, proportionately than other genres, suck out loud.  So when I discover a new one which genuinely doesn’t do so, I get a little excited as I add its name to the pitifully tiny list of horror flicks I can recommend without reservation (a partial list: Session 9, Candyman, Cube, Near Dark, The Thing, AlienThe Blair Witch Project, Halloween (the original, duh), Angel Heart) and, well, I’m a little excited…  The Signal is a scruffy, bloody, low budget sort-of zombie movie with a heap o’blood, some decent performances, an actual, if ghoulish, sense of humor, and a nicely assured directoral hand (all the stranger because the film consists of three interconnected segments, each one directed by a different person).  The set up: in the blankly ambiguous fictional city of Terminus, a strange electronic pattern (or ‘signal’, if you will…) makes everyone who watches of listens to it go absolutely batsh*t and start killing everyone.  Sure, it’s a seemingly-lazy-seeming way to get the carnage going, but there are unsettlingly evocative undercurrents to the idea and, as I said, the film is peopled with very believable characters and infused with some smarts and some very dark comedy along the way.  Anchored by the tale of two adulterous, but very likable, young lovers who find their previously-tricky predicament dwarfed by the whole ‘everyone gone homicidally wacko’ thing, The Signal keeps you jumping, laughing, and cringing, in various permutations all the way through.  It’s on my list…

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