Movie Review: Quick Change

Dennis suggests Quick Change (in Comedy).  Finally out on DVD (what, movie company, you don’t like money?), this mostly-unheralded Bill Murray comedy is like solid gold:  a Bill Murray movie you haven’t seen (if you haven’t seen it).  Murray’s unparalleled gift for dry, perfect onelinnery is as potent here as it ever was as he, his girlfriend Geena Davis, and his excitable pal Randy Quaid team up to pull off a the perfect bank heist.  The heist, involving Bill in a clown suit and a plan so ingenious you just might give it a try yourself, goes perfectly.  The only problem is that the bank is in New York City, and that New York City is home to the biggest collection of difficult a-holes this side of Philadelphia (again, just Google ‘Philadelphia + Sanata Claus + snowballs for documentation on that one), and the seemingly simple act of getting to the airport and boarding a plane becomes a Dantean journey of maddeningly funny proportions.  Murray, who co-directed, has some of the best lines of his career (I’m dying to spoil them for you here, but I’ll resist) and able assistance from the lovely comedy machine that was Geena Davis (why isn’t she in more comedies?), Quaid (whose penchant for overacting actually works out well here), and guests like Philip Bosco (as an infuriatingly by-the-book bus driver), the late, great Phil Hartman (as a pistol-packin’ disgruntled homeowner), USM’s finest Tony Shalhoub (as the requisite non-English-speaking cab driver), and the also-late, also-great Jason Robards as the beleaguered policeman in charge of the bank robbery.  If you haven’t seen this one, like I said, it’s a treat just waiting for you to scoop it up; finding a heretofore unseen Bill Murray comedy is like finding an oil well in you back yard.

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