Premise: What is Q.U.A.N.T.U.M.?

In the new 007 movie Quantum of Solace, ‘Q.U.A.N.T.U.M.’ is the new S.P.E.C.T.R.E.-type criminal organization.  The makers have kept the meaning of the acronym secret, so Videoport’s greatest minds have taken a whack at figuring it out:
Quality Understanding And Nourishment To Undermine Mosquitos
Queer Undertakers Always Need Time Unless Mentioned
Quantum Uantum Antum Ntum Tum Um MMMMMMMM
Quinto Ultimo Asi Nunca Trabajo Ultimo Mierda
Quiet Useless Anal Nerds That Use Murder
Quietly Undermining America, Netherlands, and Toronto Using McCain
Quick!  Undermine All Nations Then Undress Me!
Quiet Undercover Agents Never Touch Unattended Maracas
Quenching Unquenchable And Nagging Thirst Using Milk
Queen of the Universe And Nasty Tittering Useless Minions
Questioning Underlying Assumptions, Not Taking Undue Measures
Quality Uranium At Normal Terrorist Union Markup
Quest Unfailingly After New Terrorist Ultimatum Metaphors
Quirky Underpants Add Nuance To Underlying Menace
Quixotic Un- Assailable Nemeses To Undermine Mega-agent
Quell Until Ants Negotiate Time Under Murder
Queer Unicorns Are Naked Today, Use Me
Quintessential Unicorn Antelopes Need Tranny Underpants Models
Your thoughts?  Send them to us at or our Myspace page or, of course, here.  And, hey, why not send us your movie reviews and assorted film musings while you’re at it!  We love you!
(Oh, and Dennis2/The Rage would like me to publish his entry in last week’s Premise about Jean Claude Van Damme being a weatherman.  The editors would like to assert (not because The Rage can be really, improbably terrifying when his European pride feels like it’s been slighted) that the omission was an unfortunate mistake and will never, ever happen again.  So, the Rage’s entry to last week’s Premise was:  Snowhere to Run.  All apologies to the Rage).

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