Videoporters take the Shortbus

Videoport Gang-Up!
Your favorite Videoport clerks give your their unadulterated takes on one helpless, unsuspecting movie!  This week: Shortbus.
>>April: Be prepared for lonely New Yorkers and their gratuitous naughty bits.  If you get past the dirty pillows and boy accordions, you’ll arrive for some fun, funny, fun, fun crazy sad stuff.  To end, I liked Shortbus.
>>Regan: I liked it all right.  Too many hippies.
>>JackieO: If it’s an explicit movie about “special” people having sex, then I don’t want to see it.
>>Dennis: Another exercise in gender-multiple sexual shenanigans from writer/director John Cameron Mitchell of Hedwig and the Angry Inch fame, Shortbus is a multi-character sexual roundelay about confused, lonely people desperately trying to make some sense of themselves and their often incompatible drives.  Relying on semiprofessional actors is bound to create some rough spots, but Shortbus becomes a genuinely moving little movie…with money shots.  Easily the most explicit non-porno I’ve ever seen*, the film posits a world where everyone just gets over their hang-ups and gets it on, in literally every combination possible.  Yippee!
*Dennis would like his mom to know that he’s never seen a porno. And that he didn’t watch Shortbus.  And that he is a virgin.
>>Andy: I thought it would be a whiny/horny NYer dramedy type of thing with some porn spliced in for the sake of outrageousness.  But I should have expected more from the guy who made Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  There is real comedy and drama in the movie’s graphic sexual situations.  Instead of being the product of a perverted mind, or just a stunt, Shortbus shows us real, if flaky, characters in their most intimate moments.  Too bad they’re all hippies.
>>Dennis2/The Rage: I am sorry, but last time I checked, completely self-involved New Yorkers humping each other non-stop was not something worth turning into a movie.  Watch it for the first ten minutes, cause those are fine, and then turn it off.

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