Premise!- Samuel L. Jackson’s Shaft Sequel…

It’s America’s favorite timewaster- Premise!   This week:  Samuel L. Jackson is back as Shaft!  This time, Shaft must stop drug runners who’ve taken over the local community college in:

Back to Cool
Shaft’s Big Test Score
Prof. John Shaft
School of Hard Knocks
I’m Just Talkin’ ‘Bout Class…

Oh, y'all think this is funny, huh?

Get Your Motherf-in Drugs Out Of This Motherf-in School!
Shaft, On Drugs
All Right!  Who Stole My Hat?
1480 Combined, B*tch!
African-American Studies-Ploitation
A Study Machine To All the Chicks
Thank God This School Offers Gun Repair
The Freshman Fifteen-to-Life
Higher Learning
Yes They Deserve To Die, And I Hope They Get Detention!
Intro To Ass-Whoopin’
Academic Probation Officer
The Cat That Won’t Flunk Out
Crimefighting 101
Power to the Pupils
.357 Magnum Cum Laude
Shaft in Academi

Admittedly, we didn’t nail this one. Chime in on the comment board, smart guys…

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  1. “we didn’t nail this one”???

    By that you must mean, “We didn’t nail this one. We NAILED this one!” I’m still giggling! Oh my.

  2. Unflunkable
    Dead Pushers Society
    The Prime of Miss John Shaft
    Uppers the Downer Staircase
    The Great White Hypodermic
    Teachers’ Lounge
    Billy Rehab-ison
    Mr. Holland’s Opiates

  3. Obligatory lyrics:

    He’s a complicated man
    And no one understands him
    But his advisor

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