Nick Hornby Recommends Videoport!

…or would, if he lived in Maine. Here’s what he says, in his essay collection Songbook, about his favorite, endangered local music shop, called Wood. I flatter myself to think that he’d advise you similarly about us.
“But what we will miss, when our entire culture is sold through one big, chain-store shopping mall called Border-stones, is the stuff that floats to the surface on a bubble of personal enthusiasm. It’s fine if you have some prior knowledge of your obscure American album. But what if you didn’t even know that you wanted to hear it?…The most depressing thing about chains is being confronted by the same books and DVDs and albums everywhere you go, the same bestseller lists, the same three-for-two offers….I would like to continue to discover new things; that isn’t going to happen anywhere that’s floated on the Stock Exchange. Please shop at Wood, or your nearest equivalent, or you’ll be sorry.”

Videoport people are like that; they are unsatisfied with what everyone else seems to be satisfied with. They like exploring new movies, new shows. They like talking about things they’ve seen that have meant something to them, and they look for people they can trust to recommend other movies that might do the same. Videoport is a place for people like that. Please shop at Videoport; you won’t be sorry.

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